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Progreso, Mexico


Ideal spot to learn. The water is not very deep, 10 mt. deep 4 km out to sea. You can walk out about 100 meters till water gets to your neck. Little shore break, wind chop, no waves, sometimes get strong. 
The choppy water will come from the northeast, when the trade winds are blowing from that same direction (most prevalent wind). Usually when there is a high pressure system from the north (`Norte winds`), the waves can get a bit higher. The water can get a little bit brown with the nortes season because the high winds and chop, churn up the sand from the ocean floor. This is mostly from November to early March. The rest of the year the water is a nice light blueish green color. Sometimes there can be a little bit of sea weed, just near the shore. The best wind direction: NE. Main Direction: N, NNE, NE, SE, SW
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